CURO Honors Scholarship

How much money is the award, and how is it distributed?

The award package totals $3000 per year. This funding takes the form of a monthly stipend for Fall and Spring semesters that totals $2000 per year and a $1000 CURO Research Assistantship, also paid monthly.

What are the ‘underrepresented’ groups encouraged to apply?

The University of Georgia is committed to achieving a campus environment representative of the world in which we live, and we therefore broadly understand campus diversity as including racial, ethnic, geographic, linguistic, and experiential elements. The UGA Faculty Statement on Diversity can be read here. We encourage all interested students to apply.

Could you explain the selection process for the scholarship?

Following the application deadline, 20 potential candidates or "Promising Scholars" will be invited for an interview experience during the CURO Research Symposium on Monday, April 8, 2019. Ten of those twenty students will be offered the scholarship. Recipients will be contacted after the CURO Symposium ends on April 9th.

Will I receive confirmation when my application is received?

You will receive an automatic notification when your application has been successfully submitted online. If you do not see it, please check your spam, junk, or clutter folders. Please note that this notification confirms that you submitted the application but does not corroborate that the application is complete (e.g., if you failed to upload your transcript or resume). It also does not verify that we have received your letter of recommendation.

Will applicants be notified if they are not selected?

We will notify all applicants who are not invited to the CURO Symposium ASAP.

Does the letter of recommendation have to be from a teacher?

The letter should be from someone who has worked with you in the classroom or in some other educational environment --- e.g., an internship or research experience. Your letter needs to come from someone who you feel can best convey to us your academic abilities and how you may contribute to the CURO Honors Scholars program.