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CURO Honors Scholarship

The short answer is the best answer: engaging in faculty-mentored undergraduate research will make you a more successful student, especially if you get involved in your first two years. The CURO Honors Scholarship gives you the financial and organizational support to do that.

But here’s a long answer anyway: in addition to financial support, the CURO Honors Scholarship offers structure, professionalization, and community through a required four-semester seminar focused on building research skills.

Undergraduate research is already widely recognized as a high impact practice, producing increased self-confidence, gains in research and technical skills, and scientific understanding; it also increases retention rates and the likelihood of matriculation to graduate school. At UGA, CURO research has been linked to higher GPAs.

CURO scholars have gone on to prestigious professional and graduate programs, and have received major scholarship awards such as the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, the Merage American Dream Fellowship, and the Udall Scholarship.

One recent CHS graduate had this to say about the CURO Honors Scholarship:

Although the research process was demanding, especially for a lower-classman, the constant support and constructive criticism I received from my mentor and my CURO Scholar class helped develop my writing, my critical thinking, and most importantly, my ability to plan and follow through with independent research projects. …after completing a senior thesis in the fall of 2012 which drew upon research I conducted my freshman year, I applied and was accepted with full funding into several top Ph.D. programs…. This dream-come-true could not have been accomplished without the CURO research experience, and I will be forever grateful for the support I received from my research mentor and the rest of the CURO staff throughout my undergraduate career.

If this sounds like the kind of education you want, then apply today